GandALF 2014

Fifth International Symposium on Games, Automata, Logics and Formal Verification - Verona, Italy

Accepted papers

The following papers have been accepted for presentation at GandALF2014:

  • Florian Bruse, Michael Falk and Martin Lange. The Fixpoint-Iteration Algorithm for Parity Games
  • Bernd Finkbeiner and Ernst-Ruediger Olderog. Petri Games: Synthesis of Distributed Systems with Causal Memory
  • Constantin Enea, Peter Habermehl, Omar Inverso and Gennaro Parlato. On The Path-Width of Integer Linear Programming
  • Marcin Przybyłko. Tree games with regular objectives
  • Davide Bresolin, Khaled El-Fakih, Tiziano Villa and Nina Yevtushenko. Timed Finite State Machines: Equivalence Checking and Expressive Power
  • Sarah Winter and Christof Löding. Synthesis of Deterministic Top-down Tree Transducers from Automatic Tree Relations
  • Amir Ben-Amram. The Hardness of Finding Linear Ranking Functions for Lasso Programs
  • Adrien Boiret, Vincent Hugot, Joachim Niehren and Ralf Treinen. Deterministic Automata for Unordered Trees
  • Jason Jaskolka and Ridha Khedri. A Formulation of the Potential for Communication Condition using C2KA
  • Giorgio Delzanno, Michele Tatarek and Riccardo Traverso. Model Checking Distributed Consensus
  • Ilaria De Crescenzo, Salvatore La Torre and Yaron Velner. Visibly Pushdown Modular Games
  • Antti Kuusisto. Infinite Networks, Halting and Local Algorithms
  • Peter Faymonville and Martin Zimmermann. Parametric Linear Dynamic Logic
  • Krishna S., Lakshmi Manasa G and Ashutosh Trivedi. Improved Undecidability Results for Reachability Games on Recursive Timed Automata
  • Antti Kuusisto. Some Turing-Complete Extensions of First-Order Logic
  • Christian Wurm. Kleene Algebras, Regular Languages and Substructural Logics
  • Jonni Virtema. Complexity of validity for propositional dependence logics
  • Angelo Montanari and Pietro Sala. Interval-based Synthesis
  • Mark Reynolds, Tim French, Yuki Osada and Harry Smallbone. Hourglass Automata
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